Our offer

Our offer and pricing


We charge per person, rather than per hour fee. This means no surprises for you – the cost is fixed from the start. If we need to spend more time than expected with camera-shy individuals, or searching for the best location to shoot within your office, it still doesn’t affect your budget. 


All photo shoots take place in your office. 


We offer two types of portrait sessions – Studio and Lifestyle.

Studio portraits

Classic and elegant, with a seamless studio background in your chosen colour.

Minimalist and professional look.

Great consistency between the images.

Easy to match with your existing website colour scheme

£150/per person

Lifestyle portraits

Modern and dynamic, where your office space serves as background. 

Relaxed and vibrant feel.

More varied set of images.

Convey the ‘feel’ of your business and let your clients know what to expect when they visit you.

£180/per person

The images can be edited in either colour or black and white and delivered in different sizes and formats, according to your needs. 




We partner with you to create a set of high quality, consistent images that will support your brand and help you to connect better with clients.


Typical steps in our cooperation include:


Consultation in your office before the project.

First we will meet and talk about your vision for the project. I will be finding out about your company: what makes it unique, who your clients are, your values, brand and strategy. Based on this we will discuss what style of images would best suit your business. We will also talk about any practical considerations which may be relevant to the project, such as your website colour scheme or office space available for the photo shoot.


Pre-session brief emailed to your employees.

People often feel ambivalent about having their photographs taken. To help put your employees at ease I will send out a brief document introducing myself, outlining what will happen on the day, and how they can best prepare for their shoot.


Easy image selection process

After the shoot I will upload a section of best images from the day onto a secure, password-protected online gallery. Individuals will be able to log in and select their favourite image which I will then fully edit for the website. This process secures people’s buy-in and results in employees who are happier and more confident with their photographs.


Images resized and delivered according to your needs.

Once the selected images are ready I will resize each file according to your specific needs. You will be able to request multiple files, in different sizes and resolutions, print-ready or suitable to be uploaded straight to your website. The images will be delivered digitally, with back-up copies stored securely online, ready for immediate download whenever you may need them.

Bespoke projects


In addition to our core offering we provide bespoke photographic services, including:


Group portraits for boards of directors, leadership teams and other work groups, including all-staff portraits.


Documentary Day-In-The-Office sessions.


Office events photography.


Conference photography.


Creative portraits.